So, this day and this shoot were so much fun. It might have looked warm outside because the sun was shining brightly, however it was VERY windy and by the end of the shoot my hands were almost frozen to the camera and poor Ashley’s lips were turning purple. They were troopers and we all had so much fun.
Tim and Ashley are an amazing, solid, godly and beautiful couple. Their love for one another is so strong and their love for the Lord and wanting to honor God through their relationship is very evident. It was an honor to do their engagement pictures and I am soooo excited to shoot their wedding. Thank you Tim and Ashley!

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  1. Meghan says:

    you are amazing, my dear, and they are photogenic (is that how you spell that?). Love ya!

  2. sohobutterfly says:

    Beautiful series! Despite the cold, you got some amazing shots!!!

  3. Scott and Lorie says:

    the fourth one is my fav!

    you need some of those gloves with no finger tips! I haven’t found a cute pair yet, so I cut the tips off on old pair.

    love you cuz.

    and um, weren’t you suppose to call me???=)

  4. Candace says:

    Yay! Those are fantastic. And Yay for Ashley and Tim. It will be a beautiful wedding and a beautiful marriage!

  5. Mom :) says:

    Those pics are GREAT! I can’t wait for you to do Wes and Mindy’s! I look forward to meeting all of your friends when we come for our visit. They all look like such wonderful people… I love you! Mom!

  6. Rosetta Borgic says:

    Oh Emily. They are beautiful. I wish you could see my reaction because I bet my face is speaking louder than my words. So amazing. I am seeing that you are going to be a busy lady in the future!

  7. Jeremy Coverdale says:

    Great Job Em! these are beautiful!

  8. Juan says:

    like I told you @ Erase The Dark… you have a great eye for GREAT pictures…. not everyone who has a camera is a photographer. But if it means anything… you are!

  9. Juan says:

    I don’t know how comments work on blogger just yet, am I supposed to comment back on my own blog or here?

    anyways, I’m in school as a music major…. :)

  10. emilyrose says:

    amazing pictures em. i was trying to pick my favorite picture, but decided it’s impossible because they are all beautiful.

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