It was a very warm day, but perfect blue skies and a beautiful location set the scene for the wedding that was about to take place. I had only met Jeff and Beth once before when they booked with us, but instead of engagements they opted for the “Day After” session, which will be coming later. So, on the day of I was excited to see them again and share with them in their joy. The amazing and beautiful Allison Miller of Carlyle Whitney Photography joined me on this special occasion and did a superb job!

We started the day with the girls getting finishing touches on their makeup and hair and Beth slipping into the lovely dress. Jeff and Beth opted for a “first look” and I LOVE it when my our clients choose to do this because it gives them a chance to speak sweet nothings to one another, admire each other and prepare themselves for the events to unfold as a couple. It also allows for a much more relaxing and fun portrait session before the ceremony begins. It was a fun time to say the least and Mt. Woodson Country Club is just a perfectly designed location for weddings. It is literally a castle-type structure that provided great backdrops and light.The Bridal party joined on on the portraits, the family joined and then it was time for the ceremony to begin. I loved this ceremony because they incorporated a Japanese tradition that was both beautiful and interesting – a Japanese tea ceremony only instead of tea they serve Sake. There are three little bowls out of which both the Bride and Groom drink the Sake, but they have to put the bowl to their lips and drink three times in a row. It was different and it was beautiful.

After the ceremony, it was party time and this family knows how to party! Wow, everyone just danced the night away and it was sooo much fun.

Jeff and Beth – You are amazing and we had so much fun with you and your family! Can’t wait for your “Day After” shoot!






The anticipation…

Bride and Groom -002_1

Bride and Groom -010_1

Bride and Groom -017_1

Bride and Groom -011

Bride and Groom -021

Bride and Groom -022_1

Bride and Groom -059_1

Bride and Groom -080_1

Bride and Groom -067

Bride and Groom -037

Bride and Groom -040

Bride and Groom -074

Bride and Groom -069

Bride and Groom -089_1

Bride and Groom -062

Bride and Groom -085

Bride and Groom -092 copy

Bridal Party-003_1

Bridal Party-006_1

And add the kiddos… Aren’t they adorable??

Bridal Party-012_1




I absolutely LOVE this picture. They had no idea we were taking pictures and just picked up Beth’s train.

Bridal Party-035






Bride and Groom -043

Bride and Groom -049





These are some of my favorite “First dance” pictures ever – just look at that light!






And let the dancing begin!





Ok, I had to include this entire bouquet toss sequence – follow the girl in the back with the yellow dress on. She knew it was coming to her from the very start and she was ready! :)







Congratulations Jeff and Beth! You are such a beautiful couple!!

Makeup – Christina Collings

Hair – Korinne Hannegan

DJ – Mike Farmer Entertainment

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  1. Cindy says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous wedding! :)

  2. Kristen says:

    Wow, these are so beautiful!


    Gorgeous couple and beautiful shots. I love the lighting :)

  4. BEthany says:

    I love the one of the little girls holding the dress as well! Great job they are perfect

  5. Lucinda McKnight says:

    These are beautiful… I loved the one of the bride and groom hugging and facing the camera. They look so happy!!! The little girls in their dresses are precious. I also loved the one of the bride with her father walking down the aisle. Everyone looks so full of joy! The colors and flowers were beautiful too! Great photos of all the details of their wedding day. They will have some wonderful photos to go with their wonderful memories of their day.


    Great job! Love the venue! Can’t wait to shoot there! I definitely am digging that light during the first dance….yum yum. Good job ladies!!!!

  7. Katie Nachreiner says:

    I am the sister of the bride and I just want to say these are the most beautiful wedding photos ever! I told my husband we need to get married again so we can have photos as beautiful as these. Beth forwarded me the whole album and before I saw your blog post I said the same thing about the first dance photos. They are works of art…the light! It just screams summer wedding. And the ones of my girls brought tears to my eyes – I am biased though! Thanks again for all your amazing work!

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I met Jeff and MaryAlice in May when they were Bridesmaid and Groomsman in Chris and Alyssa’s wedding. During the Groomsmen and the Bridesmaid pictures at that wedding both Jeff and MaryAlice were the ones to keep everyone laughing. They stood out in the crowd as great individuals with great senses of humor. When I found out later on that day that they were actually engaged, it made so much sense, these two are PERFECT for each other! Anyways, fast forward to August and here they are getting married. It was so fun to be their wedding photographer after spending time with them at Chris and Alyssa’s wedding. We actually got to see a lot of the same attendees too. It was like being at a family reunion! :)

They got married in El Segundo in a sweet little place created especially for weddings called Occasions. It was packed with people coming to celebrate this joyous occasion. :) One of my most favorite things about this wedding was all of the green! All shades of green were everywhere, in every detail. It was beautiful. Ok, I will quit jabbering on and let the pictures speak for themselves. :)

Jeff and MaryAlice – you are a very fun and delightful couple. It was our pleasure to meet you and to spend this day with you. Thank you and congratulations!

20090814-_MG_9444 copy

20090814-_MG_9462-1 copy

Fabulous ring!!!

20090814-_MG_9481 copy

20090814-_MG_9455 copy

20090814-_MG_9470 copy

20090814-_MG_9488-1 copy


20090814-_MG_9633 copy

20090814-_MG_9504-1 copy

20090814-_MG_9553-1 copy



20090814-_MG_9623-1 copyvintage

Can you tell we liked his shoes? :)

20090814-_MG_9630-1 copy

20090814-_MG_9815 copy

I love this soft picture of MaryAlice.

20090814-_MG_9676-1 copyfaded


Isn’t she beautiful??

20090814-_MG_9809 copy

I was in LOVE with her ring!

20090814-_MG_9814 copycolor

20090814-_MG_9731 copy

20090814-_MG_9737 copy

20090814-_MG_9608 copy

20090814-_MG_9612 copy


20090814-_MG_9621 copy

20090814-_MG_9923 copy

I loved this, when her father gave his blessing, Jeff lifted her veil and gave her a hug. It was a precious moment.

20090814-_MG_9939 copy

20090814-_MG_9778-1 copy

20090814-_MG_9809-1 copy


20090814-_MG_0030 copy

20090814-_MG_0035 copy

20090814-_MG_0143 copy

20090814-_MG_0243 copy

20090814-_MG_0168 copy

20090814-_MG_0180 copybw

20090814-_MG_0194 copybw


20090814-_MG_0133 copy

20090814-_MG_9594 copy

20090814-_MG_9513-1 copy

20090814-_MG_0333 copy

20090814-_MG_0498 copyFlower arrangements: Magical Blooms

DJ: Monte Entertainment

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  1. BEthany says:

    So pretty! Love the location!


    That ceremony location is insane! Gorgeous shots and such a beautiful looking day :)


    Emily!! These are fantabulous! The light in the ceremony area was brilliant. Loving the detail shots and especially the rights. You knocked it out of the park, girl.

  4. Juliette says:

    What an adorable bride! And I love all the green!

  5. Cindy says:

    you are a master of details shots! Totally hot and I love the kiss of sun in your images. The last one is definitely my favorite. I love the happiness and joy that you captured!


    i wish all our brides would choose venues with that light! awesome em!

  7. Allison says:

    Love those ring shots!! :)

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