Tim and Heather=fun, hilarious, great dancing, loving, caring, sincere, honest, beautiful. That about sums it up for this amazing couple. Every time we are around them we are blessed by them.

Their engagements took place a couple months ago in Coronado and after that time spent with them we knew their wedding was going to be a blast and they did NOT disappoint! Holy Cow are these two amazing dancers! They were so fun to watch! But I am jumping ahead… Their day took place at the Sheraton Hotel on Harbor Island – beautiful setting on another perfect sunny day in San Diego. :)

Heather was one of the most calm brides we have ever worked with. She was so relaxed and so full of joy and excitement – truly the way it should be for every bride. While the gals got ready, we worked with the guys. They were a hilarious bunch ready for anything we threw their way. Then it was the girls’ turn and they were adorable and so fun!

The ceremony was full of special moments between Tim and Heather as the pastor shared their story. Then the kiss – wow and what a kiss with a dip and all. :) And then it was party time. What a party! For one, the music was the BEST music we have ever heard at a Wedding reception thanks to the live band and singers of Siren’s Crush. This group kept the party going to the very end with song after song performed perfectly. Everyone and I mean everyone was on that dance floor the entire night! I don’t think Heather left the dance floor once. Everyone was just having such a great time which always makes for the most memorable weddings.

Tim and Heather – Thank you. You are awesome and we feel so blessed to call you our friends. You had an amazing wedding which is just the start to an AWESOME marriage. Congratulations!!

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Preparation-020 copy

Preparation-064 copy

Preparation-068 copy

Preparation-023 copy

Preparation-027 copy


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Bridal Party-021 copy

Bridal Party-075 copy

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Bridal Party-035

Bridal Party-097 copy

Bridal Party-100 copy

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Heather had a smile on her face the entire day and isn’t her smile so beautiful???

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See how fun they are??

Bride and Groom-075 copy

Bride and Groom-078 copy

Bride and Groom-083 copy

Bride and Groom-089 copy

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Ceremony-059 copy

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Ceremony-051 copy

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Reception-030 copy

Reception-187 copy
The amazing Siren’s Crush that kept the celebration pumping the entire time!  Reception-159 copy

Template 13

The Bridesmaids busted out a bunch of pirate getup to add to the craziness on the dance floor… We love this picture of Tim. He always knew where the camera was. :)

Reception-099 copy

Reception-275 copy

Yup, I couldn’t resist. I had to join in on the fun!

Reception-139 copy

Of course, our crazy shot. Seriously, the Faulknors do know how to smile without sticking our tongues out, I promise. :)


If you want a crazy photo with us (come on, I know you do!) give us a call. We would LOVE to be a part of your special day!

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  1. BEthany says:

    Wow I LOVE this shoot! I LOVE the colors, i love the cake, i love the bright green M&Ms, and they look like totally amazing people. Love it! I love how crisp and clear your pictures are Emily. Love the vibrant colors of them! AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!


    Wonderful shots, great couple……….this must have been so much fun!!


    Fantastic set once again. They had beautiful colors for you to work with and the interesting, fun and silly moments you captured are absolute treasures.


    These are awesome Emily. I LOVE her shoes so much – very fun. The shots of the guys getting ready are awesome and I love the bridals.

  5. Allison says:

    Love the ring shot with the M&Ms!!! And the shoes! :)

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This will just be a quick post to share with you a couple of awesome Seniors that contacted me to do their portraits. I didn’t grow up in the US during my time in High School, so I never got to have my own Senior portraits done. I find these shoots to be SO much fun. Pretty much like a model shoot and the students always really get into it and have such a great time being themselves. What an amazing time in life – enjoying life now, but anticipating what is coming next, excited for the future and what it holds for them. These two students were a blast.

The first one is Samantha who chose to drive three hours to have me do her Senior portraits in Redding! Three hours! She was adorable and so funny! We had a great time and isn’t she so beautiful??

The second one is Dillon. I did his sister’s portraits last year and this year she tagged along for assistance. This is an awesome family that I have had the pleasure of photographing and going to church with. Dillon is one good looking kid – wouldn’t you say girls? :) He is a strong football player and just an all around great guy to hang out with.

Thank you Samantha and Dillon for including me in this part of your life. Good luck to you both this year. I am so excited for what is in store for you in the future!


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Samantha Senior Portraits-034

Samantha Senior Portraits-043 copy

Samantha Senior Portraits-056

Samantha Senior Portraits-065 copy

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Samantha Senior Portraits-107 copy

Samantha Senior Portraits-129

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_MG_2282-58 copy

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_MG_2357-73 copy


Template 6

7 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    Those are great Em! I love the one with the football. Wish I had had cool senior pics like that back in the day. :)

  2. Juliette says:

    I love the one with the “Redding” sign. I am such an enthusiast for the place I live so next time the Reads get photos we need to take one under that sign!


    Great shots. Especially like the senior guy… creative angles and locations. Really nice!!!

  4. Bethany says:

    Oooooooo! The brick wall shots inspired me to find an awesome brick wall in SD for Abby (have you ever seen pictures of our little redhead)? Check out my blog :) Can’t wait for Monday!


    Awesome shoots. Beautiful girl and handsome guy :)


    Nice work! I like the picture with the Redding sign as well! :)

  7. BEthany says:

    I love how you mirror her face in the glass, that is awesome. great job!

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