Wow – we are still recovering from a FREAKING AMAZING wedding this past Saturday! Kenny and Janelle simply rocked it as Bride and Groom. We’re just posting a teaser today. Stay tuned for the full wedding soon!


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  1. ariel says:

    Can’t wait for this post, what a gorgeous couple, love how she can pull off that pose!!

  2. Kathy watterson says:

    Love the pics..can’t wait to see all of them….you have a great eye!,, they are a beautiful couple ;) …..even though I’m prejudice….mother of the bride

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Happy Tuesday friends! I sure hope you are  having a better day than our little North. The poor little guy is teething again and is just not a happy camper right now. That reminds me though, we are extremely overdue to post some photos of that cute little guy. He’s at the point where he has lost his baby look and is sporting some little boy good looks! Ok to do list – remind me to take some photos of North this week! Take photos of North this week. Take photos of North this week. Hmmm, if i say it  enough maybe it will just magically happen?!

Ok, on to today’s post. We recently had the chance to spend some time with Alan and Lauren celebrating their engagement. As you will see in the photos – they are HUGE baseball fans. We’re talking families with season’s tickets – to two different teams! Fantasy league competitors – you bet! Engagement photos at Petco Park – absolutely! They are such a sweet couple and we loved witnessing their happiness together. It was definitely a prelude to the very joyous occasion their wedding will be. Alan and Lauren – we can’t wait for your wedding and wish you both an amazing baseball season!



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    Absolutely incredible! Love all of the creativity & lines! Goodness! Leaving this post feeling absolutely happy & inspired!!
    You are so beyond inspiring!
    Hope North is feeling better soon!!!!

  2. hannah says:

    so much fun!!! you can feel the laughter and joy! love these, you are amazing!! :)


    Love love love these! And not just because I am a huge baseball fan and love Petco Park (Go Padres!). Love the fact that that they were each wearing the hat of the other’s favorite team – very cool. You captured their clearly fun and loving relationship so well, and the angles and light and perspective and lines were all so much fun too. Nice!

  4. Josh says:

    Loved the post but especially the last half. Bomb stuff as always!

  5. kelly says:

    love the linear quality of a couple of these, particular the one where they’re standing on the ramps with the handrail separating them. as huge baseball fans, it tempts me towards doing something with baseball for our upcoming photos…hmm.

  6. Marin says:

    So fun! What a cute theme! :)

  7. Megan says:

    Love the architecture and angles in the shots in the cement walkway! Great session you two!

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