It was love at first sight. Yup, we loved Matt and Lauren the very instant we met them well over a year ago when we grabbed coffee and talked about their wedding, life, love, etc. We walked away from that meeting praying that they’d pick us as their wedding photographers because we couldn’t imagine not capturing the special day of our new friends. As all proper relationships, our love grew with them over time. For their engagement shoot, they showed up with just the cutest props that perfectly fit the railroad travel theme of their engagement session. (click here to see it). Yeah we totally loved that. Then Lauren, who is a graphic designer helped us clean up our homemade logo. What a sweetheart!  (and you can connect with her here). And if that weren’t enough, she designed the cutest wedding details for us to take photos of. Yup, more loving. You’ll probably notice more than our average amount of detail photos in this post just because Lauren and Matt did such a fantastic job with them we thought we’d show them off a bit. We loved their creativity and craftiness!

The only bummer part of their wedding is that we can’t keep looking forward to it! But hey – that’s what we’re here for – to help our amazing clients remember their special day. So without rambling on more and taking up your precious photo looking time, we present to you Matt and Lauren’s beautiful backyard wedding. Enjoy!


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    First! These picture are amazing, you guys are the best photographers in the world. You made our day great. Thank you for your hard work and beautiful portrayal of our wedding.


  2. Anna says:

    GORGEOUS!!! They are a very good looking couple and their wedding was fabulous! I love all their crafty ideas. :)

  3. Vanea says:

    What a fun wedding!!!!

  4. rico says:

    this wedding is great guys! great portraits too. Loving the solos of the bride against the green background especially.

  5. Camille says:

    oh my goodness you two, the portraits of the bride and groom are AMAZING. I think I’m going to go back and look through all of them again.


    This is just perfect, I am loving it so much! You did an amazing job and they had a beautiful intimate wedding :)

  7. Josh says:

    You guys are seriously killin it from every direction. Some of those couple shots were freaking dope!

  8. Marin Rosche says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love the variety of shots, and wow, look at those amazing details. : )

  9. Bethany says:

    Love it! I love the card drop box! So creative

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