When Kelsey first contacted us and said she was a friend of Krista Lamp who’s wedding we shot last year, we knew we were in for a treat! We didn’t get a chance to meet Kelsey and Michael until their engagement session, but felt like we had an instant connection with them. Those are code words for ‘we had so much fun we didn’t feel like we were working and could have photographed them all day’. And maybe the next day as well.  Kelsey really knew how to rock her favorite Old Navy clothes (it’s kinda her job since she works for the corporate office) and Michael rocked one of the coolest man watches out there.  Michael and Kelsey – we had a blast with you and are soooo excited for your wedding next year. Let’s grab dinner next time you are in town!  Enjoy.

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  1. Krista Lamp says:

    You guys look great! Congrats Kelsey. Great job Brett and Emily!

  2. Bethany Skinner says:

    You can totally tell they were having a great time! Beautiful models. I love the up close shots, so romantic!

  3. Kelsey Knight says:

    Thanks Krista! And a huge thanks to Brett & Emily. you guys are the best and we can’t wait for our wedding. Everyone is getting pictures as gifts for the next 5 years!!!

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Ok, we’ll admit it. We’ve been blog slackers lately.  It’s not that we don’t have tons of great photos of amazing couples to share, or that we don’t want to.  North just isn’t sleeping as much as he used to. We keep feeding him, he keeps growing and getting cuter by the day, but as a result we have less time to stare like zombies at our computer screens (but trust me, we do our fair share of that!).  This week we realized that it had been way too long since we had posted one of our fabulous spring weddings so we decided to share this amazing couple with you.

Chris & Katie are one of those couples, who like us, met and dated shortly, had a short engagement, and began their lives together as a married couple. Spending time with these two energetic and fun loving individuals we could see that they were a perfect fit for each other.  It was one of those weddings where it was hard to hold our cameras still during the ceremony because there was so much joy and thoughtout sentiment that we had to choke back the tears and focus on our job – capturing the moment.  Chris and Katie – we are so happy for you and felt extremely blessed to have been a part of your amazing day.  We wish you all the best this first year of your long and wonderful marriage!

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  1. Bethany Skinner says:

    looks like a fun wedding! Love the off camera flash with them dancing! SO great!

  2. sheri says:

    wow! the citrus grove photos are stunning! very nice work, guys.

  3. hannah says:

    beautiful as always! Love this location and the orange tree pictures. You guys are fantastic!

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