I just had to post this one image as a teaser for Jake and Vanessa’s wedding this past weekend. It was SO much fun! Of course there are more images to come and I have to practice patience. :) Vanessa was so stunning and Jake was dashing and they were both the most adorable couple so happy to be married! Ok, without saying anymore so I can save the rest for a later post to come soon, here is one of my most favorite images. The sky that day was absolutely amazing. The sun broke through at the perfect time for the wedding ceremony and then just as quickly as it came, it left as the storm rolled in. So fun and so awesome. Enjoy!


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  1. Leah Simmers says:

    Sweet! Great angle getting the storm rolling and flowers on the ground too!

  2. Bethany Skinner says:

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANd i love the profile picture of you! I think its time for you and Brett to do a photoshoot soon!


    Very pretty! During the ceremony, I was thinking how pretty that hill and spring flowers were, so I’m glad you got some shots!

  4. Ricki Ford says:


  5. Amy says:

    love this shot!

  6. Amber Dawn says:

    Can’t wait to see more! So awesome! :)


    ooooo, mas mas!!! hope you have an awesome weekend em!

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Ryan and Briana are totally on top of things as their engagement pictures are already done and their wedding isn’t until February of 2010! It was such a blast taking their engagement pictures. Meeting them and spending two hours with them just made me so much more excited for their wedding! I have to wait a whole year??? :)

They are an adorable couple that just laughed their way through the entire shoot. I love that they wanted to incorporate so many things that were special to them, like Ryan’s vintage jeep and the Orchards that are blooming all over the Central Valley.  They both live in Fresno and all of these pictures were taken in Clovis very close to where Brett and I got married so it was all very sentimental for us as well.

Ryan and Briana, thank you for this honor. I am so excited for your wedding and overjoyed for the both of you during this very special time!






A great capture by Brett Faulknor. :)



Another great shot from my hubby. :)


When in the San Joaquin Valley you HAVE to incorporate the BEST oranges in the world!


A dear friend of mine, Allison Miller from Carlyle Whitney Photography was tagging along with us at the shoot. I loved her image of the shoes as the shoes were fantastic! Allison has a GREAT eye for detail.




This is what I miss from the Valley the most – fields with wild flowers everywhere.





Aren’t they such a beautiful couple???!!!


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    What a beautiful location and images! A whole year!? How will you ever wait!? :D

  2. Amber Dawn says:

    Oh my! These are amazing! Everything from the blooms to the jeep…to the picnic basket??? Seriously…these are fantastic! Oh, and good job Brett! :)

  3. Amy says:

    These are great and congrats on the new site!!!


    These are SO gorgeous! My favorite is the one of them with the flowers and the picnic basket. I want to shoot there :) Beautiful job Faulknors!! :)


    Beautiful series here. The flowers in the first few are so stunning…they do make for a nice background.


  6. Bethany Skinner says:

    oh my gosh i love the ones of them in the flowers, those are my fav! Your incredible Emily! I wish i lived near you so i could tag along! :(


    I LOVE these Emily! Especially the ones in the blossoms! Great work babe ;)

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